Lebanese Market, lira rate, سعر الصرف

سعر الليرة في السوق اللبناني وأسعار الوقود وغير ذلك

Buy (شراء): 89,700 L.L.

Sell (بيع): 89,550 L.L.

Sayrafi: 85,500 L.L.

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معلومات محدثة عن سعر الصرف الحالي للليرة اللبنانية مقابل الدولار الأمريكي ، بالإضافة إلى أحدث أسعار الوقود وأسعار مهمة أخرى

Fuel Prices

أسعار الوقود

Fuel Type Price
95 Octane - أوكتان 1,753,000 L.L.
98 Octane - أوكتان 1,791,000 L.L.
Diesel - مازوت 1,563,000 L.L.
Gas - غاز 935,000 L.L.

Fuel prices changed 5 day(s) ago

Precious Metal Prices

اسعار المعادن الثمينة

Name Price
GOLD - ذهب $2,344.53
SILVER - فضة $27.94

Precious metal prices are updated every 10 minutes

The Lebanese lira has been devaluated against the US dollar due to a combination of factors, including political instability, economic mismanagement, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country has been struggling with a deepening economic crisis for several years, with a growing public debt, high inflation, and a shortage of foreign currency reserves. The pandemic has further worsened the situation, with lockdowns and restrictions affecting businesses and the overall economy. The political situation in Lebanon has also been unstable, with frequent changes in government and ongoing protests against corruption and economic mismanagement. All these factors have eroded confidence in the Lebanese lira, leading to its devaluation against the US dollar and other major currencies. The devaluation has resulted in a sharp rise in prices for essential goods and services, making life increasingly difficult for ordinary Lebanese people. The government and central bank have been trying to implement reforms and secure financial aid from the international community, but the situation remains precarious, with no clear end in sight to the crisis.